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Facility Management

Are you looking for an incredible facility management service in the UK? The Super Cleaner is always there for you and offers bespoke facility management to serve office buildings

You would need our services if:

Regardless of your property type, we can professionally manage your building.

What's included in this service?


This facility management service offers a range of planned, effective, and compliance maintenance for your building. The dedicated team of The Super Cleaners will be there for you to fix what goes wrong unexpectedly. Further, you get the scheduling and delivery of planned and compliance property maintenance year-round.

Energy & Lighting

For better performance in buildings, lighting systems play a crucial role, and we have experts in designing, supplying, and installing new energy-saving lighting systems. You can also upgrade your existing lighting systems to provide an efficient energy lighting solution.


A neat and hygienic environment is necessary at the workplace to increase the productivity of your employees. The Super Cleaners facility management services tailored according to the needs of each client. Rest Assured, because you will get through cleaning to maintain a hygienic environment.


A great security system is necessary and brings a lot of benefits with itself while a bad security system can cost you your business. Thus, we have also included security in our facility management to provide you with maximum benefits.

Mechanical And Electrical Services

You will also get a wide range of mechanical and electrical services through our team and the major safepartner. We have the specialist expertise to design and deliver top-quality electrical systems, fire and lighting solutions, networks and heating and ventilation systems.

Collaborate with us to get the best facility management service.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Facility Management Service?

You are aware of the complex problems that arise in building and require particular expertise to solve. So, The Super Cleaners can deliver a specially designed solution for you in the form of our incredible facility management housekeeping services. 

You will be our partner, and we will work with you to devise a cleaning schedule to reduce the impact of service contractors on clients. Our bespoke services, such as cleaning, catering, and security, are delivered by a single team with relevant expertise. 

As an experienced facility management company UK, The Super Cleaners has a proven record of mobilizing services from multiple providers.

Thus, no more waiting; let us help you now to improve the operational efficiency of your building.

Why Choose The Super Cleaners?

Efficient Way of Working

While working with The Super Cleaners, you benefit from our joint approach to management that is an efficient operation for you. Our computer based facility management system aids you get a single view of all the facilities and maintenance activities in the entire building.

Reduced Costs

Affordability is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing facility management to a facility management company UK. You get all the aspects covered while working with The Super Cleaners from low-cost labor to special equipment and modern technology.

Skilled And Experienced Professionals

To ensure the facility management is up to standard, you need skilled and experienced professionals. At The Super Cleaners, we have skill specific professionals that are beneficial for you and your stakeholders happiness due to expertise.

Simple Operations

To make your life simpler, The Super Cleaners has expert facility managers who understand your needs. The most important benefit is that you will get valuable time out to run your business. All the operations of your building are run brilliantly by our experts.

Tailored Service

You will receive a bespoke service that is appropriate for the building and meet the specific requirements of the occupiers. The Super Cleaners understand your concerns and provide you with the best facility management service. Stop worrying! We have got you.

Your Business Is In Safe Hands

Your safety and health is our responsibility and we take adequate measures to ensure it. As an experienced facility management company uk, we can design a health and safety system that appeals to the risks specific to your business and provides you with in-depth reporting.

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