End of Tenancy cleaning Portsmouth

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Portsmouth

Moving out of a property is much of a hassle to do. With all the other essential tasks to do, you always need an end of tenancy cleaning before the arrival of new tenants. So, to make your life easier, The Super Cleaners offers outclass, time-saving, and spotless end of tenancy cleaning services in Portsmouth.

You would definitely need our services if:

If you have any of the above concerns, it’s time to leave all your worries and relax. The Super Cleaners is always here at your service and provide you with outstanding results.

The Basic end of tenancy clean Portsmouth, you get are:


Our experts perform the following tasks to make your kitchen spotless.

  • Scrub kitchen doors and cabinets
  • Clean the taps and the kitchen’s sink to remove the lime scale
  • Wash all work surfaces, countertops, and breakfast bars
  • Mop, hover, and clean the floors and tiles incredibly
  • Inside out cleaning of the dishwasher
  • Clean microwave and fridge spotlessly
  • Scrub the oven internally and externally to remove all the grease and grime
  • Clean all the skirting and light fittings


To clean your bedroom and give it a fresh look, our professional cleaners do these tasks:

  • Clean all doors and windows to make them shine again
  • Wipe over and clean all the furniture in the bedroom
  • Clean cupboards and wardrobes to perfection
  • To let the light fittings sparkle, we clean them
  • Vacuum cleaning of under beds, carpets, and mops
  • Dusting off and cleaning the mirrors and pictures in your bedroom
  • Clean the skirting boards


Our out-class end of tenancy cleaning of your bathroom includes these tasks;

  • Clean and polish the shower screen
  • The tiles of the walls are cleaned and polished to remove all the limescale
  • Clean all the taps, bath, basin, shower, and other fittings in your bathroom
  • Descale and clean the toilet properly using a brush
  • Clean your mirror and polish it
  • Wash and clean the floor of the bathroom


You will get your lounge dirt-free and shining during our deep clean end of tenancy services.

  • All the doors and windows to be wiped and polished
  • Your cupboards would get cleaned inside out
  • Cleaning all the furniture in your lounge
  • Vacuum cleaning under tables, chairs, and sofas to make your lounge dirt-free
  • Cleaning your TVs, DVDs, and all other electronic components

Stairs and Hallway

In shining your house with a cleaner end of tenancy service, you will also get your stairs and hallway cleaned

  • Your stair and hallway is vacuumed thoroughly
  • If applicable, mopping of stairs and hallway is done
  • Wiping down all the light fittings
  • After cleaning, your stairs and hallway look immaculate

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Why Should You Hire a Professional end of tenancy cleaners portsmouth?

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, your property needs a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. 

As a tenant, you need to hire professional cleaners to avoid any hindrance in getting your deposit back. For owners, the good news is that you will get a service that focuses entirely on giving your house a completely fresh look. 

The house move out cleaning services are vital in determining if your new tenants would like your property or not. Thus, we offer you the solution to all these problems in the form of deep clean end of tenancy services.

Trusted by hundreds of tenants and owners, The Super Cleaners stands firm and delivers outstanding after tenancy cleaning services.

Why Choose The Super Cleaners?

You get the following outstanding benefits by booking our move out cleaning services. 

Cleaning Materials Included

You don’t need to worry about providing us with cleaning tools and equipment. You will get a highly motivated staff with all the professional tools, equipment, and cleaning materials used for each task. Cleaning your property is our responsibility, and we work hard to deliver you outstanding results.

Trained and Professional Cleaners

The distinguishing factor of our cleaning staff is that we have suitably trained and professional staff. You don’t need to actively engage with them because they understand your problems and offer excellent cleaning solutions. After completion of the cleaning process, you will be amazed by the brilliant results.

Maintain Cleaning Standards

Your dedicated cleaning professionals will meet all your cleaning goals on time, and follow established cleaning protocols. As a top-rated cleaning company, we maintain proper cleaning standards. Rest assured, you can rely on The Super Cleaners for an extraordinary end of tenancy cleaning of your property.

Friendly Customer Support

When getting a service, you always look for a top-class company at affordable pricing. The Super Cleaners care about you and your hard-earned money. You will get the highly-professional end of tenancy cleaning services with us at reasonable pricing. There are no extra charges other than the ones mentioned beforehand.

Affordable Pricing

Our friendly customer support is always available for help to solve your queries and facilitate you. If you want to know about some particular details, you will always get assistance from our friendly customer support. Rest assured, you can always rely on us and we will be available for you.

We Can Work On Short Notices

If you need end of tenancy cleaning services immediately, don't stress because we are here for you. You will get a polite, professional, and expert staff to get your tasks done ASAP. So, now you have a choice to hire a professional service, and relax. It lets you focus on what really matters.

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