After Builders Cleaning

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After Builders Cleaning

Let’s express it today! It is extremely hard to enjoy your new home when all you see is dust, dirt, and construction debris. And you can start cleaning and pick up a few things yourself after a big sigh. But the after building cleaning is stressful and requires effort and valuable time that you may use in your important tasks.

So let us do all the work to make your new property shiny and dirt-free to avoid frustration. You would need our after builder cleaning services if:

The Super Cleaners have got you in all of the above situations. You will get the after builders cleaning at its finest from us.

Nobody does better after builders cleaning than The Super Cleaners.

Why Should You Hire A Professional After Builders Cleaners?

Have you just built a new house, renovated your bathroom, did extensive kitchen repairs, or removed a wall to join two adjacent rooms? Then this service is exactly what you are looking for to dispose of all the dust and construction waste.

If you are a landlord and have constructed or renovated your property, it would require professional cleaning after building work. Because if you do the cleaning by yourself, you will not only lose your time and energy but your property will also not get cleaned.

Cleaning after building work requires specific expertise and techniques. For proper property cleaning, you need to hire a professional cleaning after building work. 

To ease your life, The Super Cleaners have got incredible after builders cleaning service. You will get an amazing end of building clean, and your property will be dust and debris free. Further, you will be able to enjoy your new property fully.  

We Perform These Actions! ​

Rubbish Removal

Our professionals will remove all the dust and debris to make your property look spotless during cleaning after building work. The construction waste will be removed to enable you to enjoy your new property.

Floor Cleaning

Your property’s floors will be washed and made free from dust and dirt. Dusting of the whole property is included. Further, you will get a hygienic and neat environment in your property. Compromise on your and your family's health is unacceptable and we know it.

Carpet Cleaning

You will also get a professional carpet cleaning during our end of build clean. Our expert after builders cleaners know how to make your carpets sparkle. You will get the best carpet cleaning in our after builders cleaning with The Super Cleaners.

Air Conditioning Vents Cleaning

Regarding the nitty-gritty, cleaning AC vents is not a do-it-yourself job. It requires professional cleaning expertise and tools that you may not have. In addition, improper cleaning could damage the vents that could cost you. So, we save you from the hassle and provide you with professional cleaning after building work.

Upholstery and Detail Furniture Cleaning

We wipe all the furniture and remove the dust to give your home a fresh look. You will also get a top-class upholstery cleaning by the side of The Super Cleaners. So, remove all your worries because we are here to make your life easy with our high-quality end of build clean.


A hygienic environment is vital in your house to save yourself and your family from diseases. So, our after builders cleaners take care of your health, and descale all the toilets and disinfect them. You will get all the floors wiped and enable you to enjoy a healthy environment.

Why Choose The Super Cleaners?

Background-Checked Professionals

The Super Cleaners’ professionals are background checked and vetted. You will get experienced after builders cleaners who complete the task on time. Rest assured! The professionals are easy to deal with, friendly and know how to do their job. Rest assured, you will get capable professionals at your home or office.

Bespoke Service As Per Your Requirements

Working with The Super Cleaners, you get an after builders cleaning service tailored to your needs. Our professional after building cleaners will be there if you want us to clean your whole new property. And if you want us to only clean specific areas of your property, we would do that also.

Quality Guarantee On Each Job

The Super Cleaners offer you best-in-class and professional cleaning after building work. You will get a quality guarantee and if you don’t like our service, contact us in seven days, and we will provide you with a free re-clean. Remove your worries and leave your after builders cleaning work to us!

All Equipment and Products included

The professionals at The Super Cleaners carry all the required industrial grade equipment and products with them. So, you will not have to do an extra hassle as we have all the materials required. Rest easy, and let us spotlessly clean your newly built or renovated home or office.

COSHH and Risk Assessment Available Upon Request

Our building site cleaners at The Super Cleaners meet all the legal requirements. So, the specialists can also provide you with detailed COSHH and risk assessment upon request. You should not worry because we meet all the legal requirements to work on a building site. Let us handle your after building work.

CIS Registered Professionals

Additionally, all technicians are CIS registered, but you have the option to request professionals who hold CSCS certificates. All the technicians are vetted, digilant, experienced, friendly and complete their task with sincerity. You will have a top-class, professional and amazing after building cleaning experience at the Super Cleaners.

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