What is included in office cleaning

What is included in office cleaning?

Today we will discuss What is included in office cleaning? You should consider commercial cleaning services for your office. It is important to understand what office cleaning services are. Today’s blog will focus on the office cleaning tasks that you can expect. Best Clean Ever prides itself on providing top-notch office cleaning services to Raleigh businesses. A clean office makes your clients and employees feel valued and happy. Find out more about how we can make your office safe, clean, and productive.


Your reception area should always sparkle! Clients and visitors will see it first when they enter the building. Even if the office manager is the most kind and helpful, clients will remember the smell and dirt. Professional cleaning companies like Best Clean Ever can clean your Raleigh office every day to set you up for success. Get a quote today!

Here are some cleaning tasks that you can expect from a professional cleaning service:

  • Take out all trash and place it in a bag.
  • Vacuum mats and carpets, including entrance mats.
  • Mop wood and hard floors
  • Wipe down horizontal surfaces such as tables and desks.
  • Wipe the interior glass and clean the glass entry doors
  • Make sure that your reception area and common areas are tidy.

A well-organized office makes employees happier and more productive. If you need office cleaning services, contact Best Clean Ever.


Employee safety and health are dependent on a clean and tidy break room. Office cleaning serves two purposes: to keep the environment clean and to prevent germs from spreading. It doesn’t matter if food preparation is taking place in the break room; it’s important to keep it clean.

These are some of the cleaning chores you can expect to do in a kitchen or breakroom.

  • All sinks should be cleaned and sanitized
  • Make sure to clean the fridges from the outside and inside
  • Use disinfectant to mop floors
  • Clean horizontal surfaces such as tables and counters


A clean bathroom is essential to prevent germs from spreading. Even if only one area in your office needs to be cleaned (we recommend cleaning the entire office), it should be the toilet. These are some things you should do regularly to keep your bathroom clean:

  • Stock toilet tissue, hand soap, and paper towels
  • If necessary, empty and clean trash cans
  • Clean mirrors
  • Hand dryers and paper towel dispensers can be used to wipe the hands.
  • All sinks should be cleaned and sanitized
  • Use disinfectant to mop the floors of the restrooms
  • Spot clean toilets


Best Clean Ever offers weekly or monthly office cleaning services. They can clean difficult-to-reach places and areas that need to be cleaned less often, such as buffing floors and cleaning windows with squeegees.


These office cleaning tasks are only the beginning of cleaning. We can talk to you about your specific space and discuss how we can best fit your needs. Get in touch with The Super Cleaners if your current cleaning service is not performing at the level that you require. We offer office cleaning in Raleigh.

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