What is general office cleaning Services

What is general office cleaning

Today we will discuss What is general office cleaning? The Super Cleaner understands how important it can be to have a tidy and well-organized office in order to work efficiently. Super Cleaner will clean, vacuum, and dust your home office to make sure you are productive and don’t get distracted by the mess. The following are some of the services we offer for your home Office Cleaning:

  • Dust your computer monitor, window sills and picture frames
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Decontaminate doorknobs, keyboards, and the computer mouse
  • Recycling and trash removal
  • Custom cleaning plans are available!

Our maids are trained to clean up after you. They will not throw away or move any items without your permission.

The Super cleaners has more than 10 years of experience and is the trusted choice to clean your home or office.

How To Clean an Office

Super Cleaner can help you clean your office, whether you are cleaning it at home or at work. Our cleaning professionals can help you organize and clean your office.

The office can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Cleaning and disinfecting your desk regularly will prevent you from getting sick and help you stay focused. These tips will help you clean your most dirty areas in your office.

Office Cleaning Checklist

To clean your office, or to divide up cleaning chores at work, use our office cleanup checklist. The PDF can be printed and placed on the fridge for everyone to see. Or you can use it as a reference guide while you clean your office.

Cleaning Your Office

We do more than work when we sit at a desk for long periods of time. Day after day, we sneeze and cough, chew, touch, and spill. It’s not surprising that our home offices quickly turn into a microbiological zoo. The germs are not the only problem. There is also the clutter and chaos from our busy lives, which must be cleaned and organized.

  1. Dust. Wipe down all surfaces with a microfiber cloth dampened. You can wipe your desk clean by removing all papers, files, calendars, staplers and other items. You should not overlook power strips behind your desk, fan blades and window sills.
  2. Vacuum. Go from top to bottom. To thoroughly vacuum every surface at your desk or in your office, you should use the narrow attachment, carpet attachment, and upholstery brush. Make sure to pay attention to where you vacuumed, and get rid of any dust that the cloth missed.
  3. Disinfect. While seated at our desks we touch a lot, creating micro-bacteria colonies every keystroke, mouse click, and phone call. The entire device, including the headset, keypad, mouthpiece and microphone, must be removed from the mouse and office phone.
  4. Be consistent. Set a reminder in your calendar to organize and clean your desk every week or bi-weekly. It will be easier the next time you clean. You can even keep disinfectant wipes at your desk to give everything a quick clean-up between cleaning days.

How to organize an office

Get rid of clutter and organize your desk. A well-organized desk can help you relax and organize your thoughts. You will feel less stressed and more productive.

  • Clear out clutter that doesn’t belong. You can accept a few photos, plants, or trinkets.
  • You should have two zones on your desk, one for computer work and the other for non-computer related work.
  • Each office desk should have a place for items that aren’t yet home. We might even call it a junk drawer. Instead of keeping them in a corner, use a document tray or file drawer to store them.
  • Zip ties can be used to tie electrical cords together, preventing them from becoming a cord nest.
  • To make it easier and more efficient to recycle paper and trash, keep a trashcan close to your desk.
  • To save space and make it easier to separate documents, stack stacking document trays can be used: one for mail, one to hold documents that require signatures, one to store documents that must be filed, etc.
  • Verticalize. Use walls to hang whiteboards or shelves when you have run out of drawer or desk space.

How to Clean Your Keyboard

Your keyboard is full of germs and muffin crumbs. Shut down your laptop before cleaning. These keyboard cleaning tips will help you prevent germ spread.

  1. It’s time to shake it all! This can be done outside or on top of a trash can.
  2. To force food and dust particles from behind your keys, use compressed air.
  3. Can you imagine canned air without any canned air? Fold a Sticky Note in half, with the sticky side facing out. To collect any debris, run it through the cracks of your keyboard.
  4. Use cotton swabs to dip in alcohol and then swipe the swabs between your keys.
  5. Use a damp cloth to spray disinfectant and then wipe the keyboard’s top.

How to Clean Your Computer Monitor

To help your monitor stay cool, give it a clean screen and dust-free ventilation slots. Shut down your laptop and clean the screen and keyboard.

  1. Disconnect the monitor and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.
  2. To remove dust from the vents, use a vacuum and an upholstery brush.
  3. To clean the glass, spray glass cleaner onto a towel.
  4. Use compressed air to clean any dust that remains in cracks or crevices.

How to Clean an office Chair

Your office chair is your support system.

  1. You will find an upholstery tag that will help you with your cleaning.
  2. To remove dust and debris, use an upholstery brush along with a vacuum.
  3. To clean any parts or hard surfaces, use a microfiber cloth with an all-purpose cleaner spray.
  4. To spot-clean cushion fabrics that are water-safe, spray the fabric with a few drops of dish soap. This cleaning method is also applicable to plastic and mesh office chairs.
  5. For upholstery that isn’t water-safe, you can fill a spray container with rubbing alcohol and 20 drops of essential oils. This will disinfect and remove stains or spots from fabric.
  6. Mix a few drops of dish soap and half a gallon of warm water to clean leather office chairs. This solution can be used to clean the leather using a cloth, but not too heavily. Apply a leather conditioner after you are done.
  7. Use a spray lubricant or lithium grease to lubricate all moving parts. Silicone spray is great.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

Your family and coworkers will love a well-organized desk. And so will you! A well-organized workspace reduces distractions and promotes productivity. Give your home the same attention.

These room by room cleaning tips can help you if you are looking for outside assistance. The Super Cleaners is a great option if you prefer to spend your time cleaning your office rather than cleaning your home. We will clean your apartment or home with our home office and general cleaning services. Call us at (0800) 118-4075 or Request an Online Estimate.

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