Things To Ask When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Things To Ask When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Commercial enterprises need and value the services provided by commercial cleaning companies. They offer commercial businesses a way to maintain hygienic, revitalized, and clean facilities.

Businesses have the chance to concentrate on their operations thanks to Office Cleaning services. And when maintaining for customers this occurs.

Hiring The Super Cleaners is more than simply a good idea in today’s environment of increased awareness of cleanliness and concern over the transmission of disease. It’s an important precaution that can provide your staff, clients, and customers with more assurance that your building is tidy, secure, and healthy.

However, not all cleaning services are created equal. Make sure the person you employ is reliable and knowledgeable. Before hiring a commercial cleaner, make sure to ask for the following things to ask when hiring a commercial cleaning contractor

A question to ask before hiring a commercial cleaning service

What Sorts of Cleaning Services Are Offered?

Of course, you will need to think about what cleaning services your business actually needs first. Never hesitate to inquire in depth about the services a prospective business cleaning company provides.

This is crucial, especially for the areas of your building that are more visible, including the floors, windows, and restrooms. After all, it goes without saying how important it is to give appropriate floor maintenance first priority. Keeping your facility looking professional requires attending to all of these small details.

How do you conduct personnel screening?

Any janitorial services provider should at the very least check applicants for drug use and confirm that they have no prior convictions. But what’s even better is that the greatest commercial office cleaning company will put in a lot of effort to find applicants that meet the bill. Testing your personality is one way to do this. Building a solid team can also benefit greatly from examining references and verifying prior jobs. Shortcuts taken by a potential janitorial firm throughout the hiring process put you, your employees, your reputation, and your facility at risk.

How long have you been in the company, and do you have any particular clientele that you prefer to work with?

Choose a cleaning service with a long history of operation. You are less likely to encounter issues because they are more likely to have their procedure figured out. Your cleaning firm should ideally have expertise working with organizations like yours, so they are aware of potential pitfalls and can provide their staff with the necessary instruction.

What kinds of insurance does your business carry?

It goes without saying that your cleaning service should be insured, but it also needs to have policies in place to safeguard you. It should have liability, workers’ compensation, auto liability, and an umbrella policy among other types of insurance. To make sure everything is in order and nothing pleasant happens down the line that may be blamed on you, you should double-check coverage.

Have you got coverage?

This is unquestionably a crucial question. Many people find it difficult to believe that contract cleaning businesses can truly inflict harm when all they are allegedly doing is wiping down sinks and scrubbing toilets. However, commercial cleaning agencies accomplish much more than this. They sterilize some crucial pieces of equipment, focusing on cleaning wooden floors and cleaning stainless steel appliances. You want to know that the insurance provider will pay for any damage that occurs to the floors, appliances, or equipment.

How Do They Handle the Complaints and Grievances of Customers?

In the event of a cleaning complaint, a trustworthy and respected cleaning business will always try to address the situation as quickly as possible. They will always strive to offer the best services in the industry. Additionally, they would be tempted to issue you a refund and offer you a legal avenue to pursue.

What Are the Testimonials From Prior Clients?

By speaking with prior customers, you can discover a lot about how a commercial cleaner operates. You may determine from their reviews whether the service is dependable and upholds all of its duties to its customers.

You must pick a leader who regularly assesses the quality of the job being done by his team. This assists the business in maintaining quality control over ongoing projects and client services.


Making the appropriate inquiries before choosing a business cleaning firm will help you avoid any future hassles. There are virtually endless options available when it comes to selecting a commercial cleaning firm, but having so many options might actually make the process more difficult. However, if you ask the right questions, you can at least partially eliminate the guesswork involved in locating a dependable cleaning service in Michigan and choose the ideal janitorial services provider to work with in order to provide high-quality services to your facility.


Do you employ cleaning software?

A commercial cleaning company that takes customer service seriously likely uses janitorial software. It enables a cleaning business to properly communicate with its customers and manage its staff in order to provide the highest quality, most responsive service.

How do your prices operate?

Of course, you are interested in knowing how much the service will cost. Some businesses that clean offices charge a set fee. Other people bill by the hour. You should be certain that you understand how you will pay for their services.

How are your staff trained?

The quality of a commercial cleaning firm depends on its staff. You want to be certain that the commercial cleaning firm you choose is concerned with the training, work, and outcomes of its staff members.

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